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It will pass...with me

Let me tell you something...

Mid-life crisis never ends.

It just goes deeper and deeper each year.


Mine started when I was 12.


Xmas Tree in June


A new record for our Xmas tree!!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's half of the June and full decorated tree is still standing in the living room !

Now it seems even more senseless to get rid of it. December will come in a blink of an eye. The last few Decembers did.


Depression and headaches, chocolate and painkillers - my dark coctail...

So much for doodling...

I finally checked it up and now it's clear that I don't have enough RAM to run The GIMP ;_;
...and many other programs.

And since I can't do anything about it, my tablet will be another dust-collector for longer than a month of Sundays, I guess...

Oh well, back to doing nothing -_-


100 Q&A

I had nothing to do at 2 a.m. ...

100 Q&ACollapse )

I'm in shape - round is a shape

Oh, how not to be depressed?

My shirt was good for me last year. But today I couldn't button it up.

Well, I suppose it's a normal thing when you're sitting in a room for another year and you even forgot how your house looks like from the outside.

Depression is getting deeper and deeper...

I guess I'll go and eat some chocolate snacks to swallow this bitterness XD

I have nobody to be slim for anyway XD



I wish I could tell that something's going on, but I can't.
That makes me so, so frustrated.
I'm doing completely nothing and I don't feel like doing anything at all.

Of course I don't count new ideas for characters and stories popping in my head, cause I'm having them all the time, and it has no meaning as I'm doing nothing.

To make things worse, my heart's defect is tormenting me a lot lately and it makes me feel like dying, old woman with no hopes for the future.

I see not much sense in the simplest things.
I didn't see much sense in cleaning my room, for example.
I cleaned my desktop instead.

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Everything's just so..............blah...

Gas explosion

Yesterday there was a huge gas explosion near my home.
First I heard this awful noise, then the ground trembled.
There were many injured people.
A beautiful house that was built before WWII will now cease to exist.

My brother was on the spot few minutes after the explosion.
Here's what he caught on his camera.

Games - Q&A

stolen from Daccat's da journal

1. What is the first video game you played?
Heck, I don't remember...Pac-man or even Pong...

2. On what did you play your first video game?
On Arcade machine, I think

3. Which is the first video game you played that had blood?
I don't remember.

4. Which is the first console you owned?
Atari 2600

5. What consoles do you own as of now?
oh, I own a few...The newest one is PSP slim&light

6. Which consoles do you wish to own?
Hmm...Speaking of new consoles - I don't have Xbox360 and Wii, but I can live without them, I guess

7. What is/are your favorite game(s)?
Final Fantasy 8, Silent Hill 2, Fatal Frame 2, Phoenix Wright and Yu-gi-oh! series and some more...

8. How many games do you own?
For all consoles? There would be a carton box of it, I think

9. What game(s) do you wish to own?
Endless Ocean, Brave Story New Traveller, Lost Odyssey, Taiko series, Super Mario Galaxy, and some more...(including some oldies!)

10. If your most favorite game of all time was signed by your ultimate hero and if someone threw the game in the trash intentionally, what would you do to them?
huh? 0_o

11. What console from the past do you wish to own?
SNes sounds cool

13. If you could make a game what genre would it be?

14. What would your job be in the making of the game?
Character designer

15. What game do you hate?
Siren (aka Forbidden Siren) - I hate this game, I regret I bought it and I want to sell it when I have an ocassion

16. Would you buy a game made by a Christian gaming company?
If it would be interesting, why not

17. What would you rather play, a survival-action-horror game or a survival-puzzle-horror game?

18. If you were sucked into a video game and had a choice of 2 weapons what would they be?
that depends what game I'm in

19. What video game character do you find hot?
Squall Leonhart (FF8)

heart & soul...


I gave my mother the chapter and said: -"Be aware that this is my very heart and soul".
She then saw a bug crawling on the wall.
And she swapped it hard with the pages I just gave her.

And this is exactly what this heart of mine is good for, I suppose.

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